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Join Gavin Warren On His Journey to Stardom

Talented upcoming child artist, Gavin Warren, born in 2008 in Houston, Texas, has since worked on a number of Hollywood movies and shows, most recently First Man alongside A-listers Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy, as the Academy Award winning director Damien Chazelle takes you into a highly personal account of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

Known for Two Wongs Make A White, Gavin Warren has quickly made a name for himself in Hollywood as an upcoming child actor who is dedicated to every project and gives his all to perform each role to perfection. Joining the line of famous kid actors at a mind blowing pace, Gavin is set to play his first lead role in horror/suspense film The Descendant, expected to release in 2019.

Having worked a number of couture houses like Mint Couture, Evolution Kids and more, Gavin also has modeling experience on his portfolio, making him a highly diverse, talented Hollywood artist.

Get to Know Gavin Warren!

From a young age, Gavin has had a keen interest in performance arts. After modeling for a short period, Gavin decided to pursue a career as a full-time child artist with the help of his mom. Gavin always puts his best foot forward when it comes to acting and tries to make each project enjoyable for himself and those around him. “Work hard at what you do and have fun,” has always been Gavin’s motto.

At an early age, Gavin showed great interest in art and expressed himself creatively. From painting to music, he always knew creative expression interested him.

When he decided he wanted to become an actor, he made up his mind to pursue his dreams and try his luck in Tinseltown. He quickly learned that he has a knack for acting. Before he knew it, he was getting calls from casting directors almost every day.

In addition to possessing incredible acting skills, he’s also extremely hard-working and puts his heart and soul into every movie, TV show, or modeling job he takes on.

When he isn’t performing in front of cameras, the talented child star loves playing soccer, tennis, and also enjoys participating in gymnastics. He’s deeply interested in drawing and music as well.

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