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Based on the book by James R. Hansen, the biopic First Man takes you into the life and times of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong and the legendary space mission that catapulted the human race into a new era of science and technology. With the role of Neil Armstrong played by A-list actor Ryan Gosling, directed by Academy-Award winning director Damien Chazelle with Steven Spielberg as the executive producer, the heart-wrenching biopic explores the years 1961-1969 leading up to the iconic Apollo 11 mission.

Gavin Warren as Rick Armstrong

Gavin Warren, playing the role of young Rick Armstrong, Neil Armstrong’s son, plays a pivotal role in the extremely personal biopic of the man widely hailed for his contributions to science. The visceral, first-person account focuses on the life of the astronaut beyond his profession, and brings to life the many sacrifices he made to bring man to where he is today. Leaving behind his family and young children in what is an extremely intimate, poignant moment, the Armstrongs depicted a strength like no other as they sent their father and husband to a journey fraught with peril into space.

Having been cast for the role after submitting an audition tape he filmed at home, Gavin Warren has consistently delivered his best for every project he has worked on, and First Man was no exception. Dedicated, focused and serious while the cameras are rolling and playful, childlike and easygoing off-screen, Gavin is the poster child of the upcoming child star destined for stardom.

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