• Nicole Warren

Family-Friendly TV Shows to Watch with your Kids

There’s a lot of racy content on TV that can make it uncomfortable to watch with your kids but there are TV shows that can be entertaining for the whole family – even the kids!

Let’s take a look at TV shows you can watch with your kids without worrying:

Modern Family

The kids in Modern Family may have grown up but each one of them has interesting storylines that will surely resonate with your family. With its hilarious characters and unique storytelling, Modern Family never fails to entertain!

Even after airing for 10 years, the show hasn’t lost its touch. If you’re looking for a good laugh after a long day at work, gather everyone in the room and put on an episode.

Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon is the spin-off of The Big Bang Theory which a comedy targeted at adults. The show follows a socially awkward, nine-year old genius’ journey through high-school.

The Big Bang Theory may not be appropriate for children but Young Sheldon offers family-friendly content for the entire family can enjoy.

Andi Mack

For a series on the Disney Channel, Andi Mack surprisingly tackles fairly heavy subjects. On her 13th birthday, the central character Andi finds out that her sister is really her mother.

The show addresses the typical issues faced by a teenager at high-school but it also shows how Andi deals with her carefree and oftentimes irresponsible mom. At some point she also decides to confront her father for the first time.

Watch the show for the complex family dynamics and to answer any sensitive questions your kids may have.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Family TV has been pumped with nostalgia in the last few years. From Fuller House to The Connors, family TV shows from the 90s have come back with a bang! The revived version of The Magic School Bus is no different.

Kate McKinnon from SNL fame is the new Fiona Frizzle. In the older series, Ms Frizzle takes the school bus through the digestive track, the era of the dinosaurs, space, etc. In the new series, Ms Frizzle is focused on encouraging kids to explore their surroundings by taking chances, making mistakes and not being afraid of getting messy.

Get your family in the living room and put on any of the above for a night full of laughs.

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