• Nicole Warren

Qualities Needed For An Up And Coming Child Actor

Are you a casting agent or director looking for a child actor to join your production? Working with the wrong child actor can cost you time and money.

Make sure you’re headed in the right direction by looking for the following qualities in potential child actors:


Without charisma and panache, an actor will struggle to connect with their audience through the screen. A child actor needs to charm everyone that’s watching them. Even If they’re playing a negative character, they’ll need charisma to keep audiences hooked to their screens.

Whether they’re performing on stage or for the cameras, they need to be able to express their facial expressions, body language and voice with the right amount of energy to engage the audience.

Keep in mind that not all child actors are as endearing off-screen however, when they’re put in front of the camera, they’re completely different people.


What sets great child actors apart from the rest? They have a genuine passion for acting and being in front of the camera. There are way too many child actors out there that are forced to act by their parents.

If a child actor is lacking passion, it will show on-screen. Look for a child actor that loves his/her job and doesn’t mind taking time to get things right!


Confidence is a must-have trait for all actors. A child actor should feel comfortable in front of the camera and when interacting with their co-actors. Confidence is needed to create on-screen chemistry with the other actors working on the project.


Famous child actors have reached a level of maturity and intelligence that allows them to put themselves in their character’s shoes and adequately convey emotions.

Actors are expected to take and incorporate an actor’s feedback into their craft which again requires intelligence. If they don’t understand what the director is asking from them, they won’t be able to perform.

An Awesome Imagination

Kerry Washington recently said in an interview that doing theatre allows her to try different things in every performance. If she didn’t have the imagination, she wouldn’t be able to think of all the variations she can try.

All children should be imaginative but child actors specifically require an awesome imagination to enable them to try different things in their takes.

Garren Warren is an up and coming talented child actor with dreams of becoming a big name in Hollywood. He’s worked alongside Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy in First Man and is all set to take the lead in his next project, The Descendant.

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