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These Child Actors Made It To Broadway!

Making it to Broadway tops the list of dreams for many actors and some of them have been fortunate enough to make it there. All aglow with neon lights and the hopes of a thousand actors, Broadway’s a place where dreams really do come true. We’ve seen many big stars over the years such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Meryl Streep, Hugh Jackman, and more who began their stellar acting careers as Broadway actors.

If an actor has managed to bag a Broadway role, it is an indicator that they’re worth their mettle. Only the best of the best get to make it to Broadway. These promising and talented child actors have managed to make it there.

Sadie Sink and Elizabeth Teeter as Young Elizabeth in The Audience

In Peter Morgan’s The Audience, the main tour-de-force of the play was Helen Mirren who played the noble monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Mirren was absolutely stunning as per usual in her role as the Queen and the audience present in The Audience screenings were gifted with another royal performance: that of the actresses portraying young Elizabeth.

While Sink and Teeter alternated between the roles of the young monarch, both were absolutely amazing.

Bobbi Mackenzie as Tamika in School of Rock

Making her Broadway debut as a soulful virtuoso performer in the School of Rock, Bobbi Mackenzie gave a heart-rending musical performance. The 10-year-old had some tough competition to face with other band mates in the play, but she managed to hold her ground.

Aidan Gemme as Peter in Finding Neverland

Aidan Gemme’s performance as Peter Pan in the Broadway musical Finding Neverland was everything one could want from the character. While the musical boasted a long list of stiff competition, his performance still managed to stand out as one of the best performances of that year.

Sophia Anne Caruso as Iris in The Nether and Mystery Girl in Lazarus

Appearing in Jennifer Haley’s The Nether as Iris, playing the role of an online avatar that falls prey to the immoral fantasies of older men, Sophia Anne Caruso gave quite a winning performance. She then followed it up with another stellar performance in David Bowie’s Lazarus. In that she played the role of a mysterious “Girl” who’s handed the task for saving an alien known as Thomas Newton’s life.

Alexandria Suarez as Little Gloria in On Your Feet!

It’s difficult to follow up the matchless pop legend Gloria Estefan but the young actress managed to successfully pull of a portrayal of young Gloria in On Your Feet! The 14-year-old is an impressive triple-threat performer and wowed audiences with her talent on the Broadway production.

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