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Top Auditioning Questions: Answered!

So, you’ve decided to take your child’s dream of becoming an actor seriously. You’ve decided to enroll them into a few upcoming auditions.

But here’s the thing: you don’t know what to expect and how you can help them prepare.

You probably have a ton of questions in mind.

“What type of questions will they ask my child?”

“Is there going to be an IQ test?”

“How can I mentally prepare my child for unexpected questions?”

These are probably some of the things you’re wondering about. But don’t worry; believe it or not, everything is trial and error.

Here are a few questions you should expect when your child auditions for a role:

Question # 1: “What’s Your Height?”

Yes, despite the fact that you’ve already mentioned this on your child’s resume, this is a question that will pop up. This is because casting directors want to ensure that your child is aware of how tall they are and if they fit the role they’re auditioning for.

Some characters in movies are supposed to be taller than others and sometimes, parents don’t know their child’s height. Did you know that Selena Gomez didn’t know her height the first time she auditioned for a role?

If your child doesn’t know, it’s okay. It’s a good idea to tell them but if they forget, tell them to answer, “I don’t know” confidently. The director will be observing how confident your child is and that’s what matters the most.

You can even help your child prepare a funny one-liner if they don’t know. Something along the lines of “I don’t know my height but I hope I don’t grow as tall as a giraffe!”

Question # 2: “What Are Your Strengths/Weaknesses”

This one can be a little tricky but prepare your child accordingly. A lot of child actors have made it through the round by answering with confidence and using humor.

For example: when the interviewer asks this question, your child can say, “My strength is that I work hard and never give up and my weakness is that I don’t know how to give up!”

Question # 3: “Why Do You Want This Role?”

This is another question that you should prepare your child for. Why does your child want this certain role? It’s because they want to explore creative opportunities. It’s because they want to be able to learn about the world and the types of people that live in it.

Acting isn’t just an art; it’s the art of walking in the shoes of a thousand people. Prepare your child to answer this question with immense confidence so they leave an impeccable impression on the director!

Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t expect your child to ace the first audition they participate in!

There will be plenty more to come.

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