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Want Your Child To Go Into Showbiz? Here’s What You Need To Know

Getting your child into showbiz isn’t a walk in the park. It requires time, effort and whole lot of persistence because there are thousands of others who are just as eager as you to get their child into an acting job.

If you want your child to get into showbiz, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Be Ready To Drive

You’ve heard all about actors living out of their cars and driving from one audition to the other, right?

Actors don’t make it big without putting in a ton of effort. After going to 50 auditions, they may finally secure a role.

As parents of an aspiring child actor, YOU have to be prepared to drive them around. Depending on your where you’re located, you’ll be spending several hours in the car for each audition.

Get ready to check your mails, do homework, change clothes and even sleep in the car!


If you’re serious about your kid making it big in Hollywood, be prepared for the work. No pain, no gain!

There’s More To It That Being Cute

You can have the world’s most adorable child but it won’t mean anything if they aren’t easy to work with. There are plenty of kids out there that look great on screen but are difficult to work with.

For a filmmaker your child is an investment; every minute on set uses up thousands of dollars. If your child frequently throws tantrums, they can cost the filmmakers lots of money.

Child actors need to have a certain level of maturity so they work with adults on tight schedules and have the patience to deal with long hours in the car and waiting to be called in for auditions.

Grasp Of Technology

Parents have to take up the role a manager of a child actor which means they need to be organized and stay on top of phone calls and emails.

Emails and text messages can be sent out on the day of the audition itself so it’s important for parents to be the right social media circles and mailing lists.

Also, some agencies will ask that you send a “self-tape.” You’ll be given directions about what the tape needs to contain. You will have edit, save it and upload it in the appropriate format.


By far the most important part of showbiz is the ability to handle rejections. At a young age, kids don’t necessarily understand what they’re getting themselves into or what a rejection means. However, kids do look to their parents for support.

There will be many times where it’ll look like your child bagged the job but then you receive no call back.

If you don’t handle rejection well, it’s going to de-motivate your child. It’s important not to get disheartened by a rejection and keep your child’s spirits up.

At the end of the day, showbiz is a business and it’s all about being able to make money; losing out on the last part just makes them better prepared for the next audition.

Gavin Warren is an up and coming child actor who’s career is beginning to pick up pace. Warren debuted in the First Man (2018) and is currently working to play a lead in The Descendent (2019).  Check out his resume online.

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